Do you have a plan of getting a housing loan or refinance for your dream house?
If yes, this article is for you! In this blog, we will explain the differences between having a Mortgage Broker and applying for a home loan directly to the bank.

We will demonstrate how you will have a smooth, less-expenses, and stress-free process from having a Mortgage Broker because you’ll be offered a lot of available options for you to acquire your dream house via a housing loan.

What’s the edge of having a Mortgage Broker than having yourself applying directly to the bank?

1. There’s a lot of options – A mortgage broker like Funding Force will offer you a wide range of loan services to choose from as we are cooperating with numerous significant banks all over the country.

If you go to a bank just by yourself. All you can see is their service. So you have no choice. But if you’ll put the loaning matters on the Mortgage Brokers, you will be free to choose any bank and services you want because we are not an agent of any banks. We will give you a lot of options that is perfectly fit your needs, and we will help you to choose the most affordable housing loan that is suitable for your livelihood.

2. It saves more money – If you’ll have a lot of options, you are more likely to have good budgeting with your expenses and saves more money because you’ll be able to know the best options for you in accordance with your standard of living or financial capability.

You’ll be able to save more money with Funding Force because the application fee is free while in banks you’ll need to pay for processing/filling/application fee but with Funding Force it’s all free.

3. Qualification – This is an important part of a housing loan application. If you don’t have the mortgage broker’s assistance like Funding Force. You will be having difficulties with determining if you are a qualified borrower or not and you’ll be required to complete the whole application process just to make sure if your qualification is approved or not.

But with Funding Force, you’ll likely know if you’re qualified within a short amount of time (just a matter of minutes) and you don’t have to go directly to some various banks just to know it.

4. Convenience – Applying for a housing loan is a time-consuming and busy thing to do, most of the time you’ll still need to go back and forth to the bank just to know if they will accept the documents you’ve brought or not.

But with Funding Force, you will only be sent to the bank once your housing loan is approved. So that you can sign the final documents needed to release the money. You will save more time and money as you wouldn’t need to go to the banks, bank and forth.

You don’t even have to spend your whole day just waiting for their decision. Funding Force will do all this for you.

Mortgage brokering is a smart way for you to acquire a housing loan. What are you waiting for? If you want to acquire your dream house, contact us now!